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Nothing Else Like It

Supercaliber is a game-changing cross country mountain bike that’s fast, light, and smooth through the rough stuff. Hardtails are efficient, full suspension bikes keep you in control, but only Supercaliber pairs the best parts of both.

Hardtail efficiency, full suspension control, Supercaliber speed

IsoStrut: an innovation in speed

The defining feature of this new category of race bike is Trek’s exclusive IsoStrut shock—structural suspension that pairs 60mm of damped, tunable travel with unique pivotless seatstays that move with the trail to keep you smooth and fast.

The right travel for XC racing

We’ll come right out and say it: you no longer have to choose between a hardtail and full suspension bike on race day. Supercaliber gives you just the right amount of travel—60mm in the rear and 100mm in the front—to charge through the rough without losing speed or traction, climb efficiently, and put the hammer down in sprints.